All schools including Sydney Catholic Schools follow the same Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum, with our Catholic values underpinning everything that we do.

With a focus on the development of the whole person, courses offered at the school cover the NESA syllabus requirements – developing the core skills of literacy and numeracy – and our Archdiocesan Religious Education curriculum.

Our teachers extend and challenge students to be the best they can be, while recognising that every student is unique and learns differently.

Key Learning Areas offered at Eileen O’Connor Catholic College

Primary 7-10 (Life Skills) Stage 6 (Life Skills)
Religious Education Catholic Studies Studies in Catholic Thought
English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Science & Technology Science PDHPE
History History Creative Arts
Geography Geography Food Technology
PDHPE PDHPE Work and the Community
Creative Arts Music
Visual Arts
Technology/Food Technology

Authentic Learning Opportunities

The opportunity to apply PDHPE, Geography, English and Mathematics learning in the real world is provided through regular trips into the local community.

Work Experience
On and offsite opportunities for Stage 6 students are provided as part of the Work and the Community curriculum. 

Key Word Sign
Key Word Sign is taught as part of the mandatory Stage 4 Languages curriculum as well as throughout K–12 to support communication.

Technology lessons focus on the development of independent food preparation, cooking and other life skills.